Johan Niemeijer

Born: 1983
Function: Kitesurfinstructor
Sprachen: NL, ENG
Lizenz:  Watersportverbond (KNWV) i.Ausb.

That moment in 2011 when the love for the water (surfing) met the love for the wind (kiting) Johan started with Kitesurfing. Using the elements of the earth for experience a kick is where's Johan love for kitesurfing is all about. Since Johan is a instructor he love's to help you with starting this beautiful sport yourself.

Favorite spots: Kornwerderzand, Lauwersoog en de Wadden eilanden.

Motto: Life is short, ride a board.






NorthWest Kiteboarding

Trasmolen 37
NL - 8754 GL Makkum

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