Position: Kitesurf headinstructor loc. Makkum - Kornwerderzand

Licence:   VDWS (2018)
Language:   DE - ENG - SK - CZ

In 2016 i learned Kitesurfing  in Podersdorf (Lake Neusiedl) and Kite-Village Hamata. Now i want to make you quite as enthousiastic as i am for the kitesurfsport. Besides that i work as a professional  masseuse, so in case you need a good massage after your kitesession i'm glad to help you :-)

Spot portfolio: Makkum / Kornwerderzand (NL), Petten / Camperduin (NL), Kite-Village Hamata (EG), Saint Lucia (Caribbean), Diani Beach (KYA)







NorthWest Kiteboarding

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