Nick Schluter

Born: 1990
Function:  Kitesurfinstructor
Licence:  Watersportverbond (KNWV) since 2007
Talen:  NL - DE - ENG

It was 15 years ago when I started kitesurfing. It was a windy autumn day (the wind blew around 30 knots) and Marcus (my dad) teached me the first steps with a small Naish X3 kite. By that time I was already sold to the most beautiful sport in the world. I am not saying that my life completely changed since then. However, the sport gave my a positive boost. Whenever I feel or hear the wind, it always gives a little tickle in the stomach. Rain makes me said; the sun gives me an aesthetic feeling. I therefore prefer to kite in the most perfect conditions.

Favorite spots: Kornwerderzand, Petten / Camperduin (NL), Le Morne (Mru), Hua Hin (Thai) and Viëste (It)

Motto: Strife for hapiness. That's the essence of life.






NorthWest Kiteboarding

Trasmolen 37
NL - 8754 GL Makkum

+31 (0)6 20135944 (Office)
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