IJsselmeer (Makkum-Kornwerderzand)

One of our two home spots is Makkum – Kornwerderzand at the Frisian IJsselmeer coast. Both spots are shallow and quiet kite lesson locations, where you, as a starting kitesurfer, can progress very quickly and practice successfully and safely.

Makkum is open from October 1st – April 30th
Kornwerderzand is open May 1st – September 30th

Check hier de (Live)stream van Makkum

Daarnaast geven wij les aan de Northsea coast of the Province Noord-Holland.

(geopend van 1 oktober - 30 april)
(geopend van 1 mei - 30 september)


NorthWest Kiteboarding
Trasmolen 37
NL – 8754 GL Makkum

Locatie NH - Noordzee

NorthWest Kiteboarding
Paal 6 Strand Julianadorp
Zanddijk 202
NL – 1787 PP Julianadorp

Northwest Kiteboarding strand