Kite – Hydrofoiling / Privat Makkum

So you want to learn kite foiling… well it isn’t as hard you think it is and it isn’t as dangerous you think it is.
No longer the preserve of experts, innovations like some new developed low aspect ratio foil models and the good practice step by step learning concepts have bought foiling within realistic reach of any competent twin tip rider, something that was simply un-thinkable even a few short years ago.
But a kite foil board still can be a wild horse stallion that needs to be tamed, so a kite foiling course surely make sense to ensure learning safely and progressively.

Kite - Hydrofoiling

After a short theory about hydrodynamics, safety and material, we teach you to organize your practice safely and well at and on the water. Bodydragging, pre positioning and waterstart will be discussed in the first hour. After that, you learn to keep the board going downwind sailing on the water and after enhancing your skills you slowly learn to ‘lift’ the foil up.
Lessons are given for better stability at the beginning with shorter masts and as you advance skills also with the final 90 cm mast. We bring you in a 1 ON 1 guidance safe at the level that you can practice safely and well after the course.
As with all our courses, the price includes material and trainer.

Do you have at least 1 years of experience on your twintip or directional in deep water and want to experience what others dream of then this is the course for you.

Cost: € 67,- p. Hour (single lesson) | € 295,- for 5 hours distributes over 2-3 sessions.