Wave Clinic – NH Northsea coast and Makkum

Have you always dreamed of kitesurfing at sea? Then we have the solution for you here.
The combination with wave surfing is for sure the most fascinating discipline in kitesurfing.

We teach you to organize yourself well on the beach and at sea to be prepared for the real thing.
Short theory such as tides, current, sets, safety at sea, sandbars and what else all have to be paid attention to before we go on the water. First with your familiar twintip and then with a directional wave board, if desired, strapped or strapless.

Wave Clinic

Already experience

Are you the experienced kiter who wants to learn kitesurfing in waves, then this course is exactly what you need.

€ 47,- p.p.p.hour | group booking from 3 participants € 42,- p.p.p.hour
€ 41,- p.p.p.hour (in combi with 5 hour ‘Starters Package’ *) | group booking from 3 participants € 38,- p.p.p.hour

* Starters-package deal is 5 hours of kitesurf lesson divided in 2 sessions of 2,5 hours
Of course you can book this as a ‘Ticket to Ride‘ 10 hour package of as privat lessons.