Rent a Kite – Guided Kiting

In case you are able to kitesurf independently (min VDWS Level 5) you are qualified to rent our kiteboarding gear. With this you practice on your own under our supervision. Therefore we call it ‘guided kiting’.

Rent a Kite | Guided Kiting
Costs*1 hour3 hours5 hours
Kiteset complete€ 35,- € 87,-€ 117,-
Kite only€ 29,- € 72,-€ 95,-
Board only€ 15,- € 25,- € 35,-
Hydro Foilboard€ 25,-€ 65,-€ 90,-
Harness€ 10,- per day / session
Wetsuit€ 20,- per day / session

* The renter is responsible for all the rented material en to ensure the safety on the water. So in case of damaged material of the school or other parties during the rental session the renter must pay for all the caused damage and / or injuries. We advice the renter to get the VDWS Safety Tool watersports insurance before the session starts to be insured.